Text to Laser and Screen

Lasers are a great way to actually bring the show out to the audience and make them feel as though they are part of the show. Beams can be used for that attention-getting look that just cannot be recreated by any other medium, or laser scans can be used for actually creating voluminous shapes of light in the air or projected onto a screen as laser graphics.
This laser system also receives and displays text messages from your mobile phone at no additional cost or charge to your network carrier.
These are fantastic for song requests, dedications to friends or and shout outs and much more…

What is Text to Screen?

Imagine people communicating live, texting their messages up to the screens at your venue or event, turning your venue into a interactive chat room! Text to screen is a feature that creates an interactive experience for any audience. It allows people to send a text message to a phone number, and for that message to be displayed on a screen (TV, projection screen, etc) for everyone to see. All this at at no additional cost or charge.

Roadrunner Discotheques equipment is kept up to date and is fully
(P.A.T) Portable Appliance Tested.
We also carry public liability insurance. Most venues only allow DJs who are fully covered.
We pride ourselves on Health and Safety as well as providing an excellent experience.